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About Dress the Message

Dress the Message

Dress the Message appeared on the scene in 2024 with a clear mission:
Dress the Message!

Our vision is to bring the biblical message to the fashion industry by recognising the profound impact of fashion as a communication tool

“...I am the vine; you are the branches...” John 15:5

One of the purposes of Dress the Message is to serve as the branch, to spread the message through all the products.

Eva Kuypers worked as a makeup artist for TV, photo, and film shoots starting in 2000.

In 2018, God showed me a new direction towards the fashion business. Initially unsure of how to proceed, I put the idea on hold. During the pandemic, I noticed the growing influence of darkness in the fashion industry. While praying and seeking clarity I received the vision for my business as if it were downloaded: I saw a beautiful fashion collection intended to show His love, His Light and unparalleled Greatness. This vision ignited a deep passion within me to create garments infused with meaning and purpose. It became clear that through fashion, I could convey messages of hope, faith, and positivity to numerous people.

I began drawing and designing, basing my work on Bible verses, and named the business Good Works, later rebranded as GWbizz—God’s Way Business. I found local support to produce samples and learned embroidery and printing techniques through online resources. After six months, I attended sewing lessons and acquired equipment to print my own garments. This was a period of skill-building. When I made the designs for my first collection, God also inspired me with the perfect name for the fashion brand: 'Dress the Message'.

A pivotal moment came with a collaboration with singer and songwriter Lynieve Austin , who ordered 50 T-shirts for her new single, propelling my business forward. Balancing a day job with my fashion work, I launched my webshop on June 8, 2024.

There is a saying: When God gives the vision, He gives the provision.

I've witnessed this unfold in my life. As I embarked on this journey, God brought talented and skilled people across my path and supplied the necessary equipment and training. Additionally, He surrounded me with supportive and praying friends who provided encouragement. His inspiration has fueled my creativity, and I've been blessed with countless ideas. During my daytime job, I met Patricia, sharing coffee breaks quickly blossomed into a very nice friendship. She's now taken on the role of salesmanager. Behind the scenes, my sister Eliza offers feedback on each design, her encouragement and assistance proving invaluable.Dress the Message debuted on 8 June, 2024.

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